Friday, 24 February 2012

Time for a brew? Tea cosy make- the pattern.

I'm not a huge tea drinker but one of my favourite indulgences is to sit with a pot of tea and a book for the afternoon, and if you have a pot of tea it's essential that you keep it warm with a tea cosy.
Here's a way simple way to make a tea cosy pattern- the dimensions given here will make a cosy big enough to fit a 4-6 cup pot but you can obviously change the dimensions to suit your teapot. I tend use graph paper when making patterns- makes measuring and straight lines easier although you do still need a rule.

Draw a rectangle 17cm by 28cm- in the picture I've folded the graph paper in half but if you don't have a piece of paper large enough make half the pattern and place on the fold when cutting out the fabric for the cosy.

To get the curve I have used a plate- if you have a flexible curve the type used by artist and quilters use that. I tend to make the most of what I have to hand in the house and the plate was just handy.

Cut out your pattern.

I like quite this tea cosy to make as there is no fiddling with bias binding around the bottom. The appearance of binding around the base is actually the lining brought onto the front of the cosy. How to make the cosy will follow.