Friday, 20 April 2012

I have to thank a lovely ( & very interesting) lady I met the other weekend at a craft fair.  For years whenever I've seen someone busy with a crochet hook I've bemoaned the fact that I could knit and sew reasonably well but had never been taught to crochet. Like many crafts it is much easier to learn if some actually shows you what to do. I had spent time trying to figure things out with a book and had quite literally got tied in knots.

So very kindly Sharon brought in a hook and some yarn in for me. A woman with  great patience she got my started crocheting. Teaching me a few stitches and with the rudiments of crochet I was off. Can't tell how satisfying it feels to learn something new and obviously now I have to practise ( & practise).

I'm now groaning under a stack of crocheted flowers having trawled You Tube for instructions ( just a quick google search for 'crochet flower' brought up thousands of results- perhaps not surprisingly). There are so many videos on there with folk demonstrating the making of huge numbers of different crocheted items. Knowing how to use a crochet hook and having learnt a few stitches made it easier to follow the videos, but I'm sure there are instructions on how to get started out there as well.

 I'm a convert to crochet although I'll never give up knitting - they actually complement each other nicely. So a big thank you once again to Sharon.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Woodland blooms

I managed to get to mid March before getting a little lazy with the blog and breaking my New Year's resolution ( New Year, a distant memory). It reflects the fact everything else has been quite busy over the last few weeks.

 Over Easter the tranquil life of this little part of Wales suddenly changes as lots of visitors arrive for the holiday. It wakes us up after the winter and prepares us for the influx over the summer. 

The beach is incredibly popular so I take to the hills to walk the dog. It's lovely walking up through the local woods at the moment as the spring flowers are in bloom.

My camera accompanied me for a walk over the weekend, so I have added a few snaps here.