Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Coming out of hibernation

It's been some time since I've posted on my blog in fact it is a very long time since I wrote anything here. It is as though it has been in an extended hibernation and I think it is about I woke it up, although with recent weather I still need some convincing that spring has arrived.

Despite the unseasonal weather, and it is probably best not to dwell on it, there are plenty of signs that the year is moving on. I spend my time at the computer being distracted by the birds on the feeder just outside the window, particularly now this year's broods have started to fledge. It's quite comical to see a well fed 'baby' bird, with mouth open and flapping wings, waiting for food from parents who are worn out with feeding the youngster that is now bigger than they are.

 I'm very lucky where I live as I get a fine selection of different types of birds in the garden, though I have to say one of my favourites is the humble little sparrow. They nest in the back wall of the house; they're noisy, a bit rowdy in fact they're rather raucous neighbours but I love that they are there despite their squabbling.

 This year has been very special as there has been a blackbird's nest in a shrub just feet from the back door so it has been a thrill to watch the little family grow and fledge, sadly no photos as I've been very anxious not to disturb their nest.

The making goes on and this year has brought a few new lines and some exciting new fabrics. I think my favourite is a camper van print ( from Fryett, I think ) which is available in both cotton and oilcloth type ( PVC) fabric making it quite versatile. I knew the print would be popular but I'm still surprised by just how popular. The little vans seem to capture so many people's imaginations, and I've heard so many stories about vans past and present, which has been great. I've always had aspirations of acquiring a camper and this fabric might just be the closest I get!

The other fabric I'm very fond of is a laminated fabric with a matt finish from the Summersville range by Moda. I've used it to make storage boxes and lined it with a bold orange print from Ikea- just adding to the Scandinavian feel.

 The boxes are great for storage all over the house particularly in the children's room, bathroom, keeping your desk tidy or to put crafting bits and bobs in.

The oilcloth fabric makes them very practical as they can be wiped clean easily- great in the bathroom or for keeping baby changing gear handy. The alphabet print (above) is made from a remnant I managed to pick up online ( I'm always on the look out for a bargain).

I've done fewer fairs this year, selling more online and closer to home, which has been nice. I still do some fairs and a couple of markets. I'm off to Altrincham Vintage Market this Sunday. I've done it a few times and it is always well attended. It starts at 10am, which is really quite civilised for a Sunday morning.

I've got lots of ideas for new makes, and I've started dressmaking again which is great, if a bit of a surprise, and I will share some of my makes and some dressmaking tips. So watch this space..