Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Amser Paned - Time for a Cuppa!

 I've lived in Wales a couple of years and have tried learn a little of the language. Welsh is incredibly important to the locals here- most are bilingual and for many english is their second language.
I've manage to acquire some important phrases and words- I can meet and greet folk politely in welsh, after that I'm a little like Eliza Doolittle sticking to the weather and health as topics of conversation (but please speak slowly to me). One phrase that always works is 'amser paned' which means 'time for a cuppa' - it can be tea or coffee and for me it is always time for a cuppa!

The tea cosies do come in english versions but we're in Wales. The embroidery is done on my machine embroiderer (which I love) but could be done by hand either in satin stitch or perhaps more easily in cross stitch (working on a fine Aida cloth- making counting the stitches simpler).
So,  amser paned?