Thursday, 9 February 2012

Lavender Filled Pyramids

These lavender bags are very simple to make and they look great. The pyramid shape is slightly more interesting than the usual square bags but they are just as easy to make.

Cut a rectangle of fabric 17cm by 9cm, and fold in half bringing the short sides together, as shown.

Sew across the top and side (seam allowance 1cm) leaving the bottom open.

Clip the corners, as shown.

Press the seams open, turn the raw edge at the bottom about 1cm and press. Turn the bag out so the seams and raw edges are on the inside ( make sure the top corners are push out). Then fill the bag with lavender.

To close the bag and get the pyramid shape bring the bottom edges together matching the side seam with the side fold- the bottom seam is then perpendicular to the top seam.

Stitch the bag closed.

This lavender bag could quite easily be made without a sewing machine-  just ensure your stitches are quite small to prevent the lavender escaping. You can embellish or decorate the fabric rectangle before sewing the bag together, and add a ribbon or string loop to allow you to hang the bag up. 

It is a really nice way of using up scraps of fabric- make a few in different fabrics and display them together in a bowl.