Sunday, 13 May 2012

Cottage Garden

I spent this morning in the garden after too long neglecting it.It's a few weeks since I've been in it, what with the weather and one thing and another. It is a place I love particularly at this time of year as it starts to fill out and my favourite flowers are in bloom.  I love the aquilegia- so pretty and delicate and something I really look forward to seeing, and then in complete contrast the camellias with their big, brash blooms which fortunately grow very well here.

I'm rather a lazy gardener. I try to keep my garden simple and it's filled largely with shrubs and perennials- fill the beds to cut down on the weeding. I do have some fruit bushes, herbs and something I think no garden should be without, rhubarb ( maybe that's just me)- it's cropping very nicely at the moment. I have this fantastic clematis that winds it way through a rowan tree and the moment is just coming into flower.

So this morning was tidying, weeding and the cutting the lawn- a rather posh way of describing the scrappy patch of grass filling the space between the beds. It's a amazing though how just cutting the grass improves the whole look of the garden.

So feeling rather pleased with my efforts I had coffee in the sunshine and surveyed the results of my efforts this afternoon.