Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I've just about recovered from a very muddy weekend spent at Arley Garden Festival- it has taken me a while to clean up my boots, clothes, ground sheets and car. Despite the mud it was a good weekend and considering the weather (and ground conditions) there was a really good turn out; lots of hardy gardening types looking for plants, garden accessories and visiting the beautiful gardens at Arley Hall.
Unfortunately the weekend weather was fairly typical of the weather through May & June- I've spent several soggy weekends behind a stall in damp marquees wondering at the great British public who turn out in such weather ( and thanking them for their support).
There have been a couple of lovely days and fortunately they fell at the time of the Cheshire Show- which was fantastic!

Meet Nobby and his woolly mates!
I love the Cheshire Show and have had a stall in one of the craft tents for the last couple of years. This year has been the first time I've really have had an opportunity to have a good look round. It's a huge event with something for everyone. My highlight had to be The Sheep Show and its woolly stars; the sheep are just fabulous! It's a hoot, (sorry, it's quite educational)! The sheep are all introduce by name and breed as they come on the stage one by one. It's great  for kids and grown ups alike as you hear about different breeds, see sheep shearing and hear a little about how wool is processed. Who'd of thought you could train sheep, like many of us they seem to be fairly well motivated by food. These guys apparently are regulars at county show and events around the country, and I would certainly recommend their performance if like me you are a sheep fan.  http://www.thesheepshow.co.uk/

So back to the sewing machine. I've a few quiet weeks to replenish stocks and get ready for more events later in the summer.