Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year Storms

The New Year has certainly blown in, and the last few days have been very wild and windy. We have been luckier than many here in Harlech, although we've had our fair share of wind and rain. Today has been bright and clear though still quite gusty, but not windy enough to prevent an escape the beach for a walk. I love the beach after stormy weather, it's fascinating to see what's been washed up and the changes in the beachscape caused by the heavy  tides.

I say I had a walk on the beach, in fact I was blown along as I took the easy option walking in the direction of the wind rather than against it.

I think the dog enjoys the beach more than I do when it's windy and there was plenty of crazy running around today- the dog that is not me! I'm sorry to say she even managed to chase a few birds, a favourite occupation, she hasn't caught one yet but they were having some difficulty in the windy conditions this afternoon.

So it's back to work after our brisk beach outing.  I have to admit that it is  nice, and bit of a relief, to get back to normal after Christmas and New Year. It's time to start planning for this year which is quite exciting and something I'm looking forward to.